Martha Carter Therapy

Helping women reclaim their power.

Positioning Strategy
Brand Framework
Visual Identity

Finding freedom through authenticity 

Martha Carter Therapy is a disordered eating and women's issues therapy practice that takes an individualized, body-centered approach to help women reestablish self trust, reconnect to themselves, and reclaim their power.

Balancing approachability and a rebellious spirit

Counter to many modalities of disordered eating recovery treatment, Martha helps women find stability and trust in themselves through naming the systems of oppression at play so they can find and speak their truth, set boundaries, and make choices that align with the values of their authentic self to live a free life, on their terms. She wanted her brand to reflect that: trust, empathy, transparency, and liberation. 

Her visual identity needed to establish trust with the potential client, making them feel comfortable coming to her in such a vulnerable place. The use of greens and creams laid the foundation of approachability and a growth-mentality, the flower a symbol of resilience and bloom, and pops of lavender reflected the joy that Martha brings to her practice, a point of differentiation and pride for her. 

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